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                             Summary Back Ground


Mirjahangir Engineering and our business associates together as a team have been providing full Engineering Services to meet the requirements  for our clients since 1988.

Mirjahangir Engineering is keenly aware of the importance of Project Management. Our background is in Projects, from initial feasibility studies to the Development, Capital Cost Estimates, Engineering and Design & Specification to Construction Monitoring and Start-Up Assistance. We are familiar with both new construction and renovation of existing facilities. Our team members have experience on construction sites and in industrial environments.

Mirjahangir Engineering exposure to projects from conception to start-up allows us to realize that, in addition to detail design, our clients may have requirements that included:

  •         Development of a project scope from a concept.
  •         ​Preparation of a comprehensive feasibility Study.


  •         Creation of cost estimates for funding of projects


  •         Addressing the sustainability of project components


  •         Commisioning  following construction completion


  •         ​​Troubleshooting and process analysis of existing systems.


          Mirjahangir Engineering is prepared to support these requirements with all engineering disciplines; mechanical,, electrical, instrumentation,  piping, Energy and processes.


         At Mirjahangir Engineering "PEOPLE", "EXPERIENCE" and "FLEXIBILITY" are our biggest asset. Mirjahangir Engineering brings the exceptional capabilities of its technical and management staff to every project, with their commitment to excellence through many years of experience working on some exceptional and relatively diffecult projects that have been very successful throughout the Southern California




We have to work together to save our Planet from so much industrial abuse, if that has to be even with one small step at a time.*** Make Every Individual's Contribution Count ***The recent BP's big mess in the Gulf of Mexico which has left its environmental damage for a very long time, shows that the Oil Based economy has to change to a Green Economy.*** There is No Other Option ***Out of the many pictures of BP" (British Petroleum) available, we have selected this picture as a representative of BP's action in Gulf of Mexico.


                                GREEN ENERGY = WISE ENERGY

Green Energy = Wise Energy = Right Solution