Construction Services

1- Development of a project scope from a concept.

2- Creation of cost estimates for funding of projects.

3- Addressing the sustainability of project components.

4- Start-up assistance following construction Completion.

5- Trouble shooting and process analysis of existing systems  

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Green Energy Solutions

At Mirjahangir Engineering we are well familiar with the concept of  Design for Net Zero Energy which is to be effective within the next two years.

Naturally, the objective for Net Zero Design will be to reduce Green House Gas Emissions and reduce Water consumption.




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Alternative Energy Applications

We shall incorporate alternative Energy generation such as Solar, Wind, & the latest Gas Generators technologies which meets California AQMD Standards, and utilizing highly efficient Radiant Heating Technology for Space Heating with Zone Control suitable for large industrial space, Large Warehouses as well as Air Craft Hangers in Project design for our clients.

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Next Steps...

Please provide your project information to us to start our discussion and review your requirements.