For more than 20 years those of us who have realized the damage caused by Green House Gases have been advocating Energy Efficiency as well as use of Alternative Energy, and we have made considerable improvement  for efficient Building Design/ Construction/ Inspection and Commissioning .

There is always more to be done

Impotence of Building Design & Energy Efficience

Leading Architects are well aware of the importance of Energy Efficiency in their Design and Standards such as LEED have encouraged Design Architect, Developers to take certain measures, to be incompliance with LEEDs requirement.

Alternative Energy

Use of Alternative Energy such as Solar Cells, Wind Turbine, Geo Thermal , Radiant Energy should always be considered as viable alternatives when Designing a new Development or when providing improvement to an existing development.

Use of High Efficient LED Lighting Fixtures and smart sensors within the building is highly recommended.

Looking Forward

Our Professional Experience

Our experience in the Building Industry which started in 1983 in Orange County, California would provide our client with an experienced team of Design Architects, Professional Engineers to our Clients

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