Mirjahangir Engineering is a leading firm specialized in Civic Engineering and Construction Engineering with :

Contractor License A & B : 322325

Professional Engineering License : RCE 20435


Green Design , eco - friendly, environmentally safe and reusable are common connection to sustainability. When it comes to construction projects, it means building will last longer, perform better and overall cost less. Sustainable materials are environment friendly and can likely be reused.

At Mirjahangir Engineering , our sustainable approach utilizes the natural  resources of Sun light, Sun Angles , and Wind Blow to coordinate with ceiling height to optimize the benefit from the nature thus translate to less Energy  consumption and significant saving for building owner


Solar Technology: We have agreement to provide PPA as well as Bond financing to install the latest Solar PV with leading Solar manufacturers in United States for complete turn key projects.

We only select and work with the latest   U.S manufactured Solar panel technology.

Radiant Heat: We are the authorized distributor  for Superior Radiant product of Ontario, Canada for California and Arizona. Products are all manufactured in north America with latest infra red technology with at least 15 % higher efficiency.


Wind Turbines: We fully support Wind Turbines products that are made in United States from Community scale  of 100 KW to 2.3 MW




Superior Radiant Heating Products

Natural Gas Turbines to meet AQMD's requirements

We are able to work on Energy projects where compliance with AQMD's requirement are paramount, with deployment of customized Natural Gas Turbines

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